Environmental Services   -   Consultancy Service

1.MANTRA has prepared  “No pollution load increase certificate” and Adequacy and Efficacy

certificates on Environment Management System (EMS) of factories/units like


1. M/s.Coastal Gujarat Power Limited (CGPL), Mundra.

2. M/s. Atul Ltd,Atul

3. M/s.Colourtex Industries Ltd, Pandesara.

4. M/s.Colourtex Industries Ltd, Sachin.

5. M/s.Corachem,Pandesara 4.M/s.CTXlifescience Ltd,Sachin.

6. M/s.Coloursynth Industries Pvt Ltd. 6. M/s. Heubach Colour Pvt Ltd (Unit-I).

7. M/s. Heubach Colour Pvt Ltd (Unit-II).

8.M/s. Palasana Enviro Protection Limited

9. M/s. Surat SuoervYarn Park Ltd.

10. M/s. Mega Innovative Crops Pvt Ltd, Panoli

11.M/s GIPCL

12.M/s. J.K.Paper Ltd

13. M/s. Kribhco

14. M/s.Heerasons Chemicals Pvt. Ltd., Maroli.

15. M/s.Newpar Aromatics Pvt. Ltd., Maroli.


2.  Chemical and biological treatability studies of waste water of industrial units.

3.  Laboratory analysis of Air, Water, Sewage, Industrial effluent and Industrial solid/hazardous waste samples.

4. Ambient air monitoring, Stack/chimney exhaust sampling and analysis of relevant parametrs.