Energy Audit Cell   -   Most Common Suggestions

Most common suggestions we are giving to the industries are as follows:-


They are implemented by the industries and savings are achieved.


1.       Improvement of power factor and installation of automatic power factor corrector.

2.       Installation of Demand Controller.

3.       Proper use of time at night (Night tariff).

4.       Installation of stabilizer on lighting circuits.

5.       Installation of stabilizer on main power supply where more voltages and more   voltage fluctuations and variations are observed.

6.       Replacement of T5 (28w) tube light in place of existing 36/40w tube light.

7.       Replacement of 125w mercury lamps by 70w metal halide lamps.

8.       Replacement of 250w mercury lamp by (4x24w) street light fixtures.

9.       Replacement of transparent roof in place of asbestos roofs to get more day     light    and switch off lights during day time.

10.     Cleaning of lighting fixtures, white washing of the surrounding walls, illumination          level increases.

11.     Switching off lights, fans, A/cs when not required.

12.     Installation of timers for switching off compound lights.

13.     Replacement of high efficiency motors in weaving industry, especially in powerloom     sector where almost 70% to 80% looms are working on rewound and less efficiency   motors.

14.     Replacement of high efficiency and proper size motor for pumps, blower fans, ID         fans, FD fans and compressors, etc.

15.     Replacement of over size transformers by proper size.

16.     Use of small blowers for cleaning instead of cleaning with compressor air.

17.     Tracing and stopping of air leakages of compressor and air distribution line.

18.     Replacement of solenoid valves where they are leaking and directly connected.

19.     Repairing of loading – unloading function of compressor.

20.     Setting of proper pressure on compressor.

21.     Installation of VFD (Inverter) on compressors, pumps, stenter fans, stenter main        and mangle motors, printing machine, blower fans, boiler ID fan and FD fan, etc.

22.     Replacement of gas heater in place of electric heater and steam heater in printing      machine.

23.     Installation of level controllers for overhead water tank where water is overflowing.

24.     Installation of star delta star starter for stirrers.

25.     Interlocking of air, steam, water, blower fans, pneumafil fans, etc., with machine,      i.e., when machine runs, all above items start working and when machine stops, all         above items stop working.

26.     Maintaining good housekeeping and safety measures in the industry.








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