Services - Powerloom

Activities of PSCs


To provide training on pre-weaving and weaving technology, fabric design, machine maintenance and local need-based training to the youths, weavers and powerloom entrepreneurs to acquire, improve and update their skills with the appropriate technology in the sector.

To conduct short duration courses for quality checkers and production supervisors on different type of fabric defects, their causes and methods of prevention.

To assist the successful trainees in their placement in the industry or for setting up of their own units and maintain useful contact with them.

Textile testing

To provide reliable textile testing (physical and chemical) services for checking quality parameters to powerloom and allied sectors through the testing laboratory at PSCs and furnish the test reports and maintain a proper record of tests carried out.

Guidance and consultancy

To provide consultancy to the powerloom industry for efficiency, defects, waste control, productivity, quality, competitiveness and energy audit.

To provide technical, commercial and managerial advice/consultancy to the powerloom entrepreneurs visiting PSCs as well as on-site on an individual or group basis.

To provide guidance to powerloom owners/weavers on loom modernization, design and product development, improvement in quality and productivity, cost reduction through minimization of waste, etc.

To provide guidance to powerloom weavers/owners about repair and preventive maintenance of looms, accessories and pre-weaving machines.

To provide on-site consultancy to weavers/owners on a felt-need basis, in respect of production and process management.

To provide information/guidance on various schemes for loan of State and Central Government for upliftment of powerloom sector.

Design development

To develop various woven designs at the PSCs. The developed designs are available for reference at PSCs. The designs from the fabric samples, own creation or as per requirement of the powerloom entrepreneurs can be developed on chargeable basis.

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