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Energy Audit Cell

MANTRA is authorized Energy Auditor by the Chief Electrical Inspector, Gandhinagar, to conduct mandatory in Gujarat since November, 2004.

Mantra has highly qualified and experienced team of Engineers. In this we do Electrical as well as Thermal Audit Also. Besides Thorough audits we can give service in segments also like Thermal, Harmonic measurements, Vibration Analysis, Flow measurement, Demand study, Power factor study, 24 hour load pattern study in terms of amperes, Kwh (Units), KW, KVA, Voltage variation, Frequency, etc.

Awareness Training

A seminar for weavers on the subject, “Efficiency Improvement in textile powerlooms” was held and awareness Programme on Energy Conservation and how to save energy in the industry. About 300 persons participated in the seminar.

We held seminars and lectures for school teacher and students for awareness programme on Energy Conservation and how to save electrical energy and also how to carry out Energy Audit in SCHOOL, HOME & SOCIETY. About 120 teachers and 400 students from three different districts of Gujarat participated.

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