Energy Audit Cell

MANTRA is authorized Energy Auditor by the Chief Electrical Inspector, Gandhinagar, to conduct mandatory energy audit in Gujarat State since November, 2004. MANTRA is also empanelled Energy Audit Consultant by GEDA (Gujarat Energy Development Agency), the nodal agency to implement EC Act, 2001 in the State of Gujarat. MANTRA has highly qualified and experienced team of electrical and mechanical engineers. The Energy Conservation Cell mainly deals with conducting energy audits. But as and when any industry require our technical services not only in energy audit but also for harmonic measurements, vibration analysis, flow measurement, velocity measurement, power quality measurement, demand study, power factor study, 24 hour load pattern study in terms of ampere, unit (kwh), KW, KVA, voltage variation, etc., we do help them.


MANTRA has developed unique infrastructural facilities in the area of Energy Conservation. MANTRA has latest instruments & equipments for energy audit.


We are doing Energy Audits in Textile industries.


Ours is a non-profitable organization. We are giving technical services in the textile industries with very nominal charges. Textile industries consisting of process houses (i.e., bleaching, dyeing, printing, finishing industries) and also to weaving sectors such as auto looms, twisting machines, warping machines, sizing machines, etc.


MANTRA has conducted energy audits of 68 units. Out of 68 units, MANTRA has conducted Energy Audit of 17 units whose contract demand is more than 200 KVA. MANTRA has carried out Energy Audit of 22 units under GEDA subsidy scheme and also carried out Energy Audit of 29 units without taking benefit of GEDA subsidy scheme whose contract demand is less than 200 KVA. We have identified and shown the areas where savings are possible. Industries have implemented our suggestions and benefited by more than 15%. Overall, we have identified the savings of about 87 lakhs units per annum with capital investment of Rs.2.77 crores and saving of Rs.3.79 crores with 9 months payback period. We do suggest 10% to 15% savings without any investment.