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    Mechanical Testing

    This testing describes the key physical and mechanical properties of fabrics and the associated test methods.

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    Chemical Testing

    This testing provides the chemical analysis procedure for a wide range of textiles.

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    Analytical Testing

    The Analytical testing determines the identity and quantity of chemical components within a sample.

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    Technical TextileTesting

    Technical Textile testing contain products like composites, automotive materials, medical textiles, geo textiles, protective textiles etc.

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    Nonwoven Testing

    Nonwoven testing contain many standard methods for testing like Nonwoven absorption, Double Head Method, Adult Incontinent Method etc.

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    Enviornmental Testing

    This testing describes the waste water testing, stack gas monitoring and the microbiological testing methods.

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    ECO Testing

    The Eco-Laboratory of MANTRA, established in 1996, is equipped with the sophisticated and advanced instruments.

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    Instruments List

    Mantra has well equipped laboratories for testing of textile yarn fabric, technical textiles, solid fuel, water, chemical, nonwovens.

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    Quality Policy

    The Quality Policy of laboratories MANTRA Surat is unbiased, accurate and timely reporting of test results to customers.

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