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Process and Product Development

Indian Market requires high quality products at affordable pricing. Most of the Indian Technical Textile products are found to be inferior in quality while prices are low as compared to International TT products. While existing technology used in the country is obsolete and highly dependent on low cost Chinese make units, there is enough scope to make best use of them through process and product development through pilot plant studies and process recipe development.

The Key strategy here is to promote R&D on products and process by making the best use of existing R&D infrastructure at MANTRA. MANTRA has excellent infrastructure for this with its sophisticated pilot plants for Melt spinning, Air texturing, spunbonding,spunlacing,Lamination and coating ,weaving and knitting. These are well supported by equally well-equipped technical textile laboratory for testing and quality evaluation of technical textiles.

Technical brochures highlighting the MANTRA’s infrastructure and technical testing and consultancy services are under printing. Direct and as well as mail communication will be used to attract industry sponsored pilot plant studies which shall generate good revenue in the foreseeable future.