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Marketing cell

MANTRA has diversified its   range of services offered to member industries with the financial assistance from both the state government of Gujarat as well as the central governments. Technical Textile services  will turn out to be the most promising  field both in terms of  revenue generation as well as  providing opportunity  for MANTRA  to emerge  as leading COE  for technical textiles in India  and to  gain international  reputation in his field.

Keeping in view  of   the  untapped potential of technical textile services  and  having  excellent infrastructure  for R&D and  testing of  Technical textiles, MANTRA has taken initiative  to open up  a Marketing Cell  for promoting  technical services across the country.

This cell will concentrate in the following areas for enhancing and generating income out of infrastructure facilities:

          1. Technical Textile-Project preparation, for product development.

          2. Training (ISDS- non-refreshing training).

          3. Marketing of R&D projects.

          4. Consultation to the Industry.

Help to create awareness for using self lubricating Nylon (SLN) Parts of MANTRA and increase the sale of SLN parts.

MANTRA adopted a new 3-P marketing strategy for developing Technical Textile services marketing.

        1. Promotion of Technical textiles

        2. Process  and  Product Development in TT

        3. People development for skill in TT

A brief outline of activities and outcomes on this 3-P strategy is given in this report