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“Textile materials and products manufactured primarily for their technical and performance properties rather than their aesthetic or decorative characteristics.


“Technical textiles” is the term given to textile products manufactured for non-aesthetic purposes, where function is the primary criterion. Technical textiles consist of all those textile-based products, which are used principally for their performance, functional characteristics, technical properties, and used for non-consumer (i.e. industrial) applications rather than for their appearance, aesthetics, and decorative characteristics.


The Technical Textile and Nonwoven Association (TTNA) of Australia defines technical and non-woven textiles industry as a supply chain that covers the manufacture of high performance often customized fabrics, for various industrial users (such as the automotive, sanitation and construction industries) and for individuals with specialist personal use requirements (such as sports and leisure equipment and clothing).


In many cases it has been replacing the conventional materials with low cost, high efficiency materials along with many other features. Other terms used for defining technical textiles include industrial textiles, functional textiles, performance textiles, engineering textiles, invisible textiles, and hi-tech textiles. Here one should note that “industrial textiles” is a category of technical textiles used as a part of an industrial process, or incorporated into final products.